Discover the capsule collection by Manu, Origins.


The name of Manu’s new collection is called ORIGIN. It is named ORIGIN because it originated from its designers childhood memory of the people he grew up with in Montreal North who were both remarkable craftsman and were resilient in their heart (or resilient to their core). No matter what adversity they faced they never gave up.

Manu’s new collection is not just tailored clothes that bring out your best features but a journey on which we want our customer to follow us and through which they can understand the true meaning and process of the craftsmanship.

ORIGIN collection is the result of incredible creativity, amazing artistry, original designs and techniques. When we see the Manu’s ORIGIN collection, we see beautiful, well-structured menswear pieces. This collection reflects lively attitude and genuine values excel through at each level, from the laid-back tailoring to the made-to-last quality and the attributes like layers, textures, warm colors, shapes has graced this collection.

The purpose behind creating the ORIGIN collection was to make feel our customers the meticulous process and experience behind the great art of our tailor ship.

Through this collection we want to share our passion for fabric and show our customer the countless steps that guide to the realization of a quality tailored piece that can be unequivocally called BESPOKE.

Manuela Souverain