Rediscovering Bowties


Bow-ties were once recognized for their ageless beauty. Nowadays, it is becoming a style statement for young men of fashion with loud color clothes. It is a fashion accessory which will allow you to loosen up and have fun with different colors and designs that you wouldn’t usually wear.

Like other clothing items bow ties are also available in different designs and colors but we will tackle the most liked patterns by big brands that have become their favorite. With their unique color combinations of patterns they will give a distinct look to your style.


The velvet fabric is very exceptional one. Usually, the most valued Velvets were silk velvets. However, today you’ll mostly find viscose and cotton Velvets which are not soft and sparkly as silk. This is one of the most liked patterns and it can go with mostly anything. The most used color is black, burgundy and marine.



Preferably, when you wear a bow tie or a tie you go with something light or not too bright because it catches attention. Black and Gold pattern is the right kind of bright because with a subtle gold and black it contrasts well with any form of pastel color shirt.


Paisley is one of the all-time classic; it’s a pattern which comes from India. It has been brought back and reused in menswear fashion and interior design over and over again. It is in the form of a micro pattern but it’s just a traditional style that will always be around and in fashion. It is very well suited to any kind of classic trend whether clothing or interior designing.


Houdstooth pattern are usually referred as dogtooth is a graphic pattern that will make a fashion statement with style. However, this pattern can look too formal or too classy for people who like more modern patterns.

It’s one of those classic patterns that will never go out of style and therefore if you invest your time and money in a bowtie of this pattern, you can wear it with any clothing this no matter which is trending at that time.

If you have these 4 bow ties, you have pretty much every situation covered. If you want more options, you can choose from turquoise, maybe other tones of red, orange and brown. Bow ties are important part of formal wear but it can also go with casual wear.

Manuela Souverain