Decoding the dress code: How to do Black Tie


Black tie code, nonetheless, it is more formal than business wear. It is a typical dress for formal social events. It is a style which has to be right, so, here are few tips for you to wear black tie in a right way.

Be aware that you have options 

Always make sure that you have different options to wear in the black tie event. You can choose from dinner jacket or double breasted dinner jacket. If you options, you won’t be worried about your looks. If you like long sized jackets, you can go with double breasted or if you like smaller jackets, you can go with dinner jacket.

Don't be afraid of color

Now, most of the people will wear black color jacket in a black tie event and that’s what is expected of you. But if you want to try color, I suggest midnight blue, if don’t want to stand out too much. If you have no problem with that wear the white jacket like some men have done during Oscars but keep the bow tie.


Dress for your shape and size

 It is obvious you don’t to wear a jacket that is not of your size. If you choose a long jacket make sure it is about your size not smaller or larger than your size, same with the dinner jacket. Because if you wear a wrong size jacket you will not look good. Similarly, it should of the right shape too.


What about a black tie wedding?   

It is a very special event for your family or friends, so make sure to wear black tie unless bride or groom had something else in their mind. You only need to be formal until the ceremony, after that no one cares. But if you want to wear tie or a bow you can just wear the jacket but make sure your shirt collars are properly tucked that is of course until the ceremony.

Think about your accessories 

Well if you going to dress properly black waist coat is a good option. But you can experiment it with both black and white jacket. Another option for the black tie is cummerbund. If you are not a waist coat guy wear a cummerbund like Justin Timberlake. In the shoes department don’t wear old or unpolished ones, if you want to look exceptionally smart and formal.


Now, you have the necessary information to do black tie the way. There are different options you can choose in a black tie format. So be original and use your imagination with every item. But remember to do it the right way so you will leave a lasting impression on others.


Manuela Souverain