6 essentials to a man’s wardrobe



If you have clothes that are mentioned underneath in your wardrobe in no way means your closet is finished. However, these are essential items to have and you can work around them with other cloths or accessories and make sure that your personality will never look bad.

Here’s the list of 6 essential items men should have in their wardrobe:

  • Item 1: Well-Fitting Suit

  • Item 2: White dress shirt

  • Item 3: Lace-up dress shoes

  • Item 4: Dress watch

  • Item 5: Bow Tie

  • Item 6: Tweed Wool Coat

For you to have a better understanding let me give you brief information about these essentials:

Wardrobe Essential item #1: Well-Fitting Suit

The easiest way to revamp up any outfit is to add a well-fitted suit in their wardrobe. It just makes everything look better. It is a classic choice. Like this stylish Burgundy razor sharp dinner jacket and its signature shawl collar is the piece that will never let you down.

$1,475.00 CAD

$1,475.00 CAD

Wardrobe Essential item #2: White Dress Shirt


Timeless and versatile standard choice to have and it doesn’t get much more fundamental in a man’s wardrobe than a crispy white collared shirt. Whether you have a wedding, birthday party, formal event there will always be a time for this essential item.

Wardrobe Essential item #3: Lace-up Dress Shoes


They’re traditional, they are classy and they are one of the essential items to have in your wardrobe. Yes, you can wear more fashionable or loud forms of footwear these days but there will always be formal occasions where you can’t beat the style of these shoes. They are the last subtle touch you need when dressed for formal event.

Wardrobe Essential item #4: Dress Watch:


The dress watch is one of the stylish and elegant items a man should have in his wardrobe. They are delicate, simple and charming only to be wear with tuxedos or suits.

Wardrobe Essential item #5: Bow Tie

Bow Ties are not everyday items but they are essential one. Bow Ties go with dinner jacket, suits or sometime you will see people rocking them with blazers. A true gentleman’s wardrobe should always have a room for tie.

Forever Velvet is the favorable of the Brand for bow ties. There designs are elegant like this detailed velvet bow tie is both beautiful and versatile. There are also available in black, burgundy and marine.

Wardrobe Essential item #6: Tweed Wool Coat

$1395.00 CAD

Not every guy wants to own a tweed blazer but it one of the best and subtle items for the colder months. It will work naturally with every item that you already have in your wardrobe and it really helps during a cold day. So, it is an essential item to have in your wardrobe.

Developing a fashionable wardrobe is important. Not only it helps you with your looks but subtly distinguish you as a stylish man. Nevertheless you should try new fashionable trends and decide for yourself, if that item should be in your wardrobe.

Manuela Souverain